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How do human rights, good governance and democracy relate to the Ethiopia Government’s strategic international policy priorities? This states that sustainable development, underpinned by democracy, good governance and human rights, is vital to promoting an international system based on the rule of law and in turn better able to prevent and resolve conflict..

As the world becomes more globalised, the behaviour of one state increasingly has repercussions on others. Countries that are democratic, respect the rights of their citizens and observe the rule of law at home and abroad are also safer places to live, work and trade. They are more likely to settle disputes peacefully and to respect international legal commitments.

Work on human rights and counter-terrorism are mutually reinforcing.

Promotion of human rights, democracy, and good governance, is not only the right thing to do, but is also in Britain’s own best interests. It is an area where core British values and national interests coincide.

Human rights, democracy and good governance are essential components of sustainable development.

The PAD will strive to improve respect for human rights, advance democracy and encourage good governance through focusing on the following strategic goals:

 * Promote the mainstreaming of human rights, democracy and good governance issues.
 * Strengthen the UN as the key forum for protecting human rights; work with UN partners to contribute to human rights, democracy and good governance.      Assist the Overseas Territories to fulfil their international human rights commitments.
  * Work towards the end of torture, the abolition of the death penalty and the realisation of the rights of the child.
  * Support fair electoral processes, the development of pluralist political systems and the global spread of democracy and freedom of expression, including    support for free media.
  * Support the participation of civil society in decision making, a common approach to good governance in international bodies, mainstreaming good governance in development co-operation and the rule of law.

  * Support partnerships with NGOs, human rights defenders and professional bodies. Use Public Diplomacy to raise public awareness and improve understanding of PAS policies. Use project funds strategically.

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