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Vision: ​​​​​​​

 PAD strives to see a community of hope, humane, and social justice.


To bring people together to work in partnerships; Promote hope humanity and social justice for every human, life in all its fullness; to improve the livelihoods of the disadvantageous groups for Social and Inclusive Economic Growth through actively engaging in positive actions promoting responsive care and support and fight the causes of poverty in Ethiopia.

INSTITUTIONAL MOTO: Spread Love and Humanity!!!

INSTITUTIONAL GOAL: To make PAD accountable, learning, and responsive

ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES: PAD has set shared values that underpin its work as an organization and its relationships with beneficiaries and other stakeholders that it cherished and adheres to. Therefore, PAD’s core organization values are:

Excellency: We work with a strong sprit and sense of professionalism to achieve high-quality standards and value for resource 

Human:  We Work for human by human 

Positive: We are hopeful and confident about the future and on what we are doing

Organizational Objectives

Specifically the organization is legally mandated by federal ACSO to accomplish activities related with the following programmatic directions including.

  • Addressing the challenge of orphan and vulnerable children and their families through provision of integrated alternative family and community based child care protection support including provision of psychosocial, economic, scholastic, health, family sponsorship and capacity building support
  •  Supporting School age boys and girls poorly performing in their schooling due to economic problem through provision of scholastic material provision, creating access to tutor service, provision of psychosocial support and capacity building support provision
  • Enhancing the economic situation, saving culture and developing business management enterprinual skill of families affected and living in povert
  • Improving the situation of men women and children affected by socio-economic problem through provision integrated service provision including need based material support ​​​​​​​

         provision, capacity  development support provision and enhancing                 their awareness

  • Supporting environmental protection initiative in the rural and urban area to contribute for the establishment of safe environment in which the marginalized community
  • Mitigating the challenge of drug addiction among youth through intervention targeting awareness creation about the problem and provision of rehabilitation support to people suffering from the problem
  • Reducing the negative impact of traffic accident through enhancing the awareness of the community and provision of integrated support for people affected by the problem
  • Providing integrated need based support to improve the situation of disabled people and their family
  • Provision of integrated economic psychosocial, health, recreation, awareness creation, capacity building support to people affected by health problem including mental ill healthy, HIV/AIDS 
  • Supporting children and elderly out of family care and involving on bagging through provision of integrated socio-economic support

Program intervention Focus

In line with its legally endorsed organizational objective Positive Action for Development (PAD) work to ensure the benefit of the target group through implementation of various need based programs and projects. Accordingly, PAD’s on going programmatic interventions include

Democratization, human right promotion Peace building and conflict mitigation

  • Dialogue for reconciliation of the people in conflict situation
  • Organize TOT for Justice, Security and Legal Affair Bureau experts on early warning and rapid response, conflict management, culture of peace and leadership
  • Establish and Strengthen Kebele Peace Committees (KPCs)
  • Provide training to Dire Dawa University students on peace building, culture of peace and conflict resolution
  • Establish and strengthen peace clubs in selected public high schools
  • Training on peace building for Edir and Afocha Coalition
  • Organize a conflict management and conflict mediation training for young leaders coming from school clubs, peace groups, youth and women associations
  • Promote tolerance, consideration, and cooperation for the community remain calm, working together and avoiding competition over scarce resources in the faces of crises
  • Awareness and public mobilization to ease   COVID-19 induced challenges on peaceful co-existence, Gender based violence and COVID-19 state of emergency

Provision of integrated support to Children living and working in the street, homeless women with children and homeless adults through program interventions including

  • outreach services to children on the street;
  • Temporary shelter and home services , full time, i.e., with sleeping facilities, lockers, meals, etc.;
  • Health and hygiene services (showers, toilets, basic health care, etc.)
  • Sport, Cultural, artistic and play activities;
  • Business and Life skills training in areas such as saving, entrepreneurship, health, hygiene, sexual and reproductive health, communications, budgeting, gender, etc.;
  • Educational and training services
  • Counselling services /social and psychological support;
  • Family reunification and support, including through cash or in-

        kind support, to improve the economic stability of families and                        children’s access to health and education.

Community Mental Health Program. The program with focus on community based mental health care and support intervention with. Specifically the mental health program focus of the program includes;

  • Provision of integrated services delivery to ensure immediate and long-term well-being
  • Awareness creation and behavioral change interventions
  • Health screening and community clinical interventions
  • Integrated skill development including business skill life skill Savings….
  • Business start-up support provision including unconditional cash transfer and IGA support
  • Strengthening community based care and support provisions

Community based Child care and support interventions including foster care and local adoptions program including

  • Provision of foster care and local adoption support
  • Awareness creation about the community role in mitigating the challenges of children in a problem
  • Local resource mobilizations and enhance community responsiveness

Foster economic reintegration and and fiscal independence through micro-credit, savings and cooperatives societies, and other financial facilities;

  • Promote social wellbeing care and protection
  • Capacity development and delivery of needs-based trainings
  • Promote positive attitude mental health and cultural change
  • Focus on family and community care
  • Promote Standardized and integrated support and service delivery
  • Community mobilization and engagement

Re-integration of migrant returnees through community based programs

  • To contribute to the effort of ensuring rights- based socio-economic wellbeing of child migrant returnees and other vulnerable children
  • Support towards lasting Economic reintegration
  • Support and work towards realization of Psychosocial Reintegration
  • Support and work towards realization of Social reintegration

Organizational Structure