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1. Operation Areas

To begin with PAD has framed its intervention area in the eastern parts of the country including Dire Dawa, Harari ,East and West Harerge Zone of Oromia region Addis Ababa and Parts of Somali Region; while it has been planning to cross the national boundary and work in east African countries, like Djibouti, with the crosscutting issues like international migration,  poverty reduction and HIV/AIDS.

2. Target groups

Based on its organizational objective PAD has identified and sustainably addressing underserved men women and children with its active projects. Currently the organization is implementing projects targeting

  • OVC and their care givers
  • Migrants of different type benefit from sustainable economic, social and psycho-social reintegration that also benefits communities.  
  • Women men and children affected by mental ill health
  • Trafficked street women and children and their families engaged in street bagging
  • Vulnerable school girls and their families
  • Abandoned who been placed under foster care and local adoption
  • Vulnerable youth  victim of human trafficking
  • Youth in conflicting situation
  • Homeless women with children and street children


Despite its short period of establishment, Positive Action For Development emerged to be the most capable and successful developmental partner in its operational area particularly in addressing the problem faced by highly vulnerable children (HVCs), marginalized and mental ill health affected male female and children, vulnerable youth empowerment and development and provision of support for vulnerable school girls and vulnerable women both in Dire Dawa city administration and Harari regional state. In a little more than three years of operation and partnership with the community, Positive Action For development (PAD) evolved from operating in one programmatic issue focusing on girl’s education to diversified development intervention including child protection, youth empowerment, poverty reduction, mental health, environmental protection and peace building

3.1 Child protection and DevelopmentInsert your text here

PAD child protection intervention is centered on the approach of alternative community and family based care support protection approach. The approach is innovative in nature that deviate from the traditional way of providing emergency like support to innovative alternative community and family based child care and protection approach. The approach involves foster placement local adoption and re-unification of vulnerable children. Accordingly, in 2013 the organization had launched in partnership with Dire Dawa Bureau of women children and youth Affairs using the financial support obtained from UNICEF. As the outcome of the project PAD managed to introduce alternative community and family based child care and protection approach to the wider community through organizing a serious of community mobilization activities including community dialogue. The project managed to support capacity building of the grass root community structure and CBOs in addition to establishing community level community child care and protection committees. The project also managed to provide independent living arrangement and reunification support for hundreds of vulnerable children for the first time in the history of the regional administration. Similarly PAD assumed a responsibility of implementing the same project in Hareri regional administration using the financial support of UNICEF through Harari bureau of women Children and Youth Affairs. Accordingly, PAD through the project managed to realize foster placement and local adoption of 14 children. In addition to this the project managed to establish grass root community level screening committee in addition to capacity building of CBO,s. In the same year the organization launched innovative projects targeting vulnerable children using the financial support of CSSP. The project proved PADs capacity to implement community based projects that the organization managed to achieve the objective of the project in a level noted as national best practice. That the organization managed mass foster placement, local adoption of vulnerable children and reunification of most at risk children, establishment of regional HVC/FUND; in addition to mobilizing hundreds volunteer family on the waiting list. The success obtain acknowledgement of regional and federal governments and suggested duplication of the achievement in other parts of the country. PAD also sustained its effort of addressing the challenges of highly vulnerable children in Dire Dawa city administration by designing a project financed by the great Ethiopian run through Mekdonia home of elderly and mental ill people..So far in its implementation of the project focusing on child protection PAD managed to achieve extra ordinary achievement including Mass foster placement of vulnerable children for the first time in the history of the country, Mass Local adoption of vulnerable children in a national record level, Family Reunification of hundreds vulnerable children, Introduction of alternative family and community based child care options in the region  and Establishment of community structure mandated to support vulnerable children.

3.2. Youth empowerment and poverty reduction

Youth Development program is also the other programmatic program being implemented by PAD in partnership with VSO. The program aimed enhancing the technical capacity of the youth through established opportunity for on the job training and experience

sharing of graduate Ethiopian out school youth with volunteers from abroad. As part of youth development program the organization managed to implement projects targeting the capacity enhancement of graduate candidate vulnerable girls through deployment in the grass root community. The project managed to enhance the capacity of the graduate candidate. In addition to this the project managed to enhance

the capacity of Community based Organization involvement in youth development through developing CBO strategy of youth development.

3.3. Girls Education Project

In its girls education short term project PAD provided scholastic material support poor family background girls.Considering gender as a pivotal issue of development, PAD has been mainstreaming gender in all its activities and this was guided by its own gender policy. The organization sustained need based support provision to underserved vulnerable school girls. Hence, PAD managed to provide integrated support including provision of scholastic material support, facilitation of tutor service and facilitation of scholarship. In general so far the organization managed to address a total of 250 vulnerable school girl’s through its school girl focused approach. The organization utilized finance from Mekdonia, VSO and CSSP to support its girl’s education support.

3.4. Strategic partnership grant focusing on Mental ill health

The successful achievement of PAD in child protection project supported by CSSP encouraged the donor agency to scale up its partnership to strategic partnership level. In line with this PAD is selected to be the only strategic partnership partner of CSSP and hence launched strategic partnership grant targeting men women and children affected by mental ill health problem. In line with this the organization is being implementing mental health project entitled ‘’ Love and hope bringing facts and intervention for dignified living condition of people affected by mental ill health’’. The SPG project is being carried to achieve higher result areas including

More services and resources become available for people affected by mental ill-health and their families,
Quality of life (like schooling & medication) begins to improve and people effected by mental ill health and their families become connected and organized at the end of the SPG.
Government and public awareness on mental ill-health  increase
By implementing all these projects, PAD has been able to benefit community groups including poor children, women, and other disadvantaged groups in a sustainable manner. Under its foster care arrangement project PAD has been undertaking various activities categorized mainly under community mobilization, foster family identification and capacity enhancement, Community based organization capacity enhancement, establishing foster care screening committee, household sponsorship promotion, institution and capacity building, monitoring and evaluation components.

PAD so far PAD success and organizational credibility made PAD to be the only organization financed by the regional as well as federal government in the region. In addition to this the achievement encouraged the donor agency like  CSSP to scale up their partnership modality with PAD to highest level of strategic partnership in which PAD is selected to implement the strategic partnership grant targeting children, men and women affected by mental ill health problem. PAD is currently implementing projects addressing vulnerable Youth in partnership with VSO, strategic partnership grant financed by CSSP targeting children, men and women, projects focusing on child trafficking using the support of great run and projects targeting vulnerable children, vulnerable school girls and women in Hareri regional state.

4. Organizational Experience and Capacity of Projects Implementation

Positive Action for Development has executed several community development programs and projects in Dire Dawa city Administration, Harari Regional state and Oromia Regional states. PAD programmatic intervention focus includes Preace Building, Child Protection and Development, HIV/AIDS, Gender and Youth Empowerment, Basic Health, Livelihood and Economic Empowerment and Environment.  In general, PAD successfully implemented  projects summery presented under

6. PAD Comparative Advantage

PAD is vibrant Ethiopian resident’s charity organization with significant skills experience reputation, track of achievement and capabilities making difference in the lives of most vulnerable hardtop reach community group in the targeted area. List of Positive Action For Development (PAD) organizational capabilities includes

Hard to reach Program focus and experience

PAD focus, practical exposure and built experience in managing hard to reach family and community issues are our organizational comparative advantage that helped us in properly addressing most overlooked and on-going community challenges.

Grass root level operational presence, sound truck record  and organizational capacity

PAD is Organization with strong grass root level operational presence and sound truck record in managing grass root community level projects. PAD has active presence in 9 urban keble and 32 rural keble of Dire Dawa administration, 6 urban and 12 rural woreda of Harari Region. The organization also has formal working relation with 21 community based organization, youth and women association. The organization has also well-established grass root presence through its stronger relation with community based structures. PAD contemporary capacity in deploying above 650 community volunteers is also the other organizational competence area that signifies its grass root level presence.

Active Organizational partnership

PAD is one of few NGO in Eastern Ethiopia capable of establishing a sound working relation with regional, national and international government, nongovernment and private actors. Practically PAD managed to establish a rigorous partnership with donor partners comprising fhi360, United States Army Civil Affairs Team 4115, UNICEF, VSO, CSSP 1, CSSP 2, British Council, Ethiopian AID UK, Canadian Embassy, Facilitator for Change (FC) and Great Run Ethiopia. Locally PAD able to to institute comprehensive working relation with regional and federal government structures such as Federal Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (FMoWCA), Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs,  Dire Dawa Bureau of Women Children and Youth Affairs, Dire Dawa Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs, Harari Bureau of Women Children and Youth Affairs, Dire Dawa Bureau of Education, Dire Dawa Bureau of Health, Dire Dawa HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office, Dire Dawa and Haromaya University’s. Similarly, PAD has active operational relation with CBO, Local NGO’s and mass based association, Private actors and handful faith based institution.

Organizational project management experience

PAD is an emerging vibrant Charity organization with a mission to empower poor and disadvantaged youth, children, families and communities to eradicate absolute poverty by helping them actualize their latent potential through integrated development programs. Positive Action for Development has executed several community development programs and projects in Dire Dawa city Administration, Harari and Oromia Regional states. PAD programmatic intervention focus includes Child Protection and Development, HIV/AIDS care and support, Gender and Youth Empowerment, Basic Health and sanitation, Livelihood and Economic Empowerment and Environment protection.  PAD is an energetic CSO with successful achievement and nationally recognized track record in addressing problem of vulnerable and marginalized children, youth, women, families and community groups.

Accordingly, the organization has a well-developed capacity in managing impactful OVC care and support, mental health and Livelihood development, and emergency crises mitigation interventions. The organization impactful achievement on OVC care and support is nationally recognized achievement by the Federal Women and Children Affairs and has been endorsed for scale up across the entire country. In addition to this , the organization successfully managed other programmatic intervention focusing on family reintegration of street   children and youth, conflict management  and Positive Youth Development, Gender empowerment,  Combating GBV and HTPs, Basic Health , Livelihood and Economic Strengthening Program, benefiting thousands’ of vulnerable community group in partnership with international and local funding agency.

Doing so the organization directly benefited a total of 31,220 (19032 F) men women children and their families  through its Health, Livelihood, OVC care and support, youth development, Sanitation and integrated program. Specifically, in partnership with USAID funded fhi360 Carrying for Vulnerable (CVC) activities the organization directly benefiting a total of 8,035 individuals including 5114 (2608F) OVC and 2921 care givers through integrated care and support service intervention including health, psychosocial, shelter and care, livelihood, legal protection and food support are coordinated to the target. Similarly, in partnership with United States Army Civil Affairs Team 4115 PAD succeeded in promoting school based health and sanitation support benefiting hundreds of school girls.

Impact of our Work

Improved the lives of tenth of thousand’s poor marginalized and vulnerable men women and children and their families,  Improved community level service delivery systems,   Informed, empowered and engaged citizens,  Enhanced public and private sector engagement , enhanced local resource mobilization and use, support, Promote behavioral and attitude change, inform and influence policy decision, initiate   governance reforms , enhance community awareness and participation, improved household economy and reduce vulnerability.

Vibrant leadership and updated system policy and procedures

PAD general assembly is the highest decision body of the organization. The general assembly has 28 members out of which 17 of them are women. The general assembly annually held its regular meeting. The general assembly have mix of individuals including development professionals, public; private representative, and community members  who  have broad experience in development work and know the context. PAD’s Organizational Board is the second highest decision making body of the organization. Accordingly PAD has a

board of five standing members. The organizational board quarterly meets and monitors the accomplishment of the organizational executive body.  The Board contributes to networking, resource mobilization and overall strategic direction of the organization. PAD also has steering management committee comprised of six (6) full-time  employees chaired by Chief Executive Director consisting of program managers and administrative and finance head. The management committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations and the successful implementation of projects. Currently, PAD has 46 full time staff (29F) including project officers, project coordinators, Social service workers, Nurses and admin staffs. Subsequently, at community level PAD currently deployed about 650 part-time volunteers working as case workers in managing community level programs.

Cost-based Advantage:

PAD will offer advantageous scenario in the implementation of any project due to its experience in conducting the minimum cost consideration rule with all its service and product procurement apart from the performance based salary improvement for its competent administrative, technical and supportive staff. All PAD’s Procurement reviewed and checked by the procurement committee to check its allowable, allocable and reasonable nature in relation to budget and cost consideration.

System-based advantage: 

PAD both in its program-based intervention and supportive administrative activities employed policy and procedure based manuals for institutional strength (Documents like: Fraud policy, Employment and affirmative action policy, Finance manual, HR manual, Child Protection policy, Computer use policy, Communication policy and procedure, Procurement manual, gender policy).  With respect to organizational data management system, the program section uses Foster data base, enrolment data base, HIV stat data base, Case management Database, Household Economic Vulnerability Assessment database ; also in the administrative section : Human Resource management Database, Peachtree Accounting software, Vehicle management . Thus, Pad’s existing manuals, software and database supported system improvement and quality in the organizational development process.

Awards and recognitions:

PAD successful track record and achievement boldly attracted regional and national recognition. Accordingly, during the course of implementation PAD received recognition for its exemplary nationwide achievement. The following are some of the awards and recognition addressed to the organization in response to its excellent did.

  • Certificate of recognition by Ministry of Women and Children for its excellent achievement benefiting Orphan and Vulnerable children intervention
  • Certificate of recognition from Dire Dawa Health Bureau
  • Certificate of appreciation by Dire Dawa Charity and Civic Society Joint Steering Committee as recognition for the efforts of Developmental work
  • Certificate of recognition by Dire Dawa-Bureau of Finance and Economic Development
  • United States Army Civil Affair Team 4115-For appreciation of partnership
  • Certificate of successful project management by CSSSP
  • Certificate of Successful project accomplishment by Facilitator for Change
  • Award of coup for wonderful achievement in alternative family and community based child care intervention
  • Award of coup for best contribution in youth development and sport promotion