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Programmatic Interventions

In the coming five years, PAD aspires to become a strong and dynamic NGO that effectively and tangibly contributes to the growth, development and well-being of its target communities with their active participation.

The realization of PAD’s vision requires the identification, design and implementation of relevant program interventions that are consistent with its organizational mission.

PAD’s overriding aim and mission is to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged section of the people with particular emphasis to vulnerable and marginalized children, youth, women and elderly who have limited opportunities for self-development.

To this end, PAD has adopted five core programs with corresponding strategies and goals for each program to achieve its mission. The three major core programs PAD envisage to intervene are A) Peace Building & Confilict Mitigation B) Child care and development C) Education D) Health and Sanitation, E) Poverty reduction F) Environmental protection and cross cutting issues associated with the core program intervention such as capacity development, economic empowerment, gender, HIV, youth and OVC, etc.

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