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October 23, 2022 - BY Admin

Community Based Economic Reintegration for Vulnerable Youths, Returnees, and Returnee Families

The project is intended to offer innovative and environmentally friendly sustainable livelihood opportunities for migrant returnees, vulnerable youth, and households in host communities through by organizing the collecting, processing, and marketing of various types of plastic garbage and producing organic compost. The project's overall objective is to promote community-based livelihood interventions that can help in the effective reintegration of migrant returnees while also improving the livelihood of vulnerable youth and HHs in host communities. The main project outcome is to increase sustainable income of returnees, vulnerable youth and House Holds in host communities.

Hence, 120 (33F) migrant returnees and vulnerable youth recruited in the project and formed in 4 legalized associations. In order to motivate, create entrepreneurial spirit and maintain the integrity of the association business management, attitude change, team working, saving and leadership training were provided. In addition waste collection and sorting training and standard composting technique training provided. After Providing all the necessary equipment and tools the association engaged in to work. As per the project expected outcome the individuals generate average monthly income of 5,000 Birr through plastic selling and compost production.

The project implemented in involved partnership with the government and private business sector on a clearly defined and mutually shared responsibility.