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January 04, 2022 - BY Admin

Role of Personality Change Mindset TOT to Build Positive and Productive Character

February 29, 2020

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

The mental health project implemented by PAD has started cascading personality change mindset TOT starting from January 10, 2020, continuously with the aim of promoting a healthy behavioral style.

Improving health and well-being outcomes for hard-to-reach gender-specific mental health impacted people and their families is one of the main goals of the mental health project. The project is also simultaneously working in preserving and promoting healthy lifestyles and mental wellbeing.

Personality change mindset TOT has been organized for 17 primary and high school teachers. From those 15 teachers took the training related to mental wellbeing, conflict resolution, preventing addiction, building self-esteem, positive mental attitude, definite chief aim, and time management from January 10th to 12th, 2020. After the teachers took the training they constructed an action plan to cascade the mindset TOT in their respective schools. The action plan was essential to identify existing problems related to their students and cascade mindset TOT discussion session on selected discussion topics.

So far the mindset TOT has been given to 195 students from seven different public and private schools. The discussion session was facilitated by the teacher's trained mindset TOT from each school together with the mental health project staff. It is believed that the training will have a greater influence on the students to build a positive and productive character that will help them achieve what they want in their life and contribute to the society and country at large.