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Country Strategy Plan

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PAD Ethiopia will continue to respond to the massive humanitarian and development challenges in Ethiopia, primarily focusing on the rights and needs of refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and communities at-risk due to climate, conflict and other crises. PAD Ethiopia will primarily work in regions with high prevalence of poverty and vulnerability and where its experience and expertise best complements those of government and other actors. PAD Ethiopia will continue to facilitate access to basic services and create sustainable livelihood options through the Quality Services Including Health, Livelihoods programmatic and expand into the Protection and Social Cohesion programmatic area. This will enable LWF Ethiopia to engage beyond the individual and community levels to include the institutional level and link local grassroots level initiatives to regional and national through advocacy for greater impact and sustainability. Recent changes in the legislative environment also strengthen PAD Ethiopia’s position to engage in and to promote rights-based approaches and building vibrant and resilient communities.

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