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Migrant Returnees’ Protection and Re-Integration Support

The program mainly focused on sustainable reintegration of migrant returnees and host community from worldwide in providing comprehensive reintegration assistance Airport reception, transportation, medical, psychological and economic reintegration including innovative livelihood interventions.

Waste Into Wealth Program/Youth Livelihood Program

Supported vulnerable migrant returnee and unemployment youths engaging in sustainable income generating activity using locally available resources called wastes. The youths organized as legal entity and engaged in plastic recycling, organic compost product and briquettes production sustainable business activity using khat residues, remnants of plants and vegetables and Wastes from hotels. They are linked with private companies, farmers and community as part of market linkage. The youths are earning more than 10, 000 Birr per month per individual.

Reintegration Of Unaccompanied Returnee Children and Their Parents

Comprehensive assistance including Psychological, social and economic reintegration has been provided for unaccompanied minors and their parents. Reduced irregular migration, trafficking and exploitation, while also promoted stability and socio-economic development. And has contributed to strengthening regional cooperation to address forced displacement and migration.

International Re-integration program

We are providing assistance for migrant returnees from European countries. We are working signing an agreement with IRARA. Airport reception, transportation, onward transportation, medical and sustainable reintegration are main assistances.

Our Project Accomplishments