Around Wosen, House No 2392

Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM)

Through its Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) intervention PAD strives to improve the living conditions during displacement, ensure assistance and protection of IDPs in displacement sites, as well as to seek durable solutions to end temporary displacement, with an organized closure and phase out of displacement sites. PAD is becoming one of the leading national NGO in Ethiopia in managing CCCM intervention in difrent parts of the country. Curently PAD manage 20 camps located in three regions of the country including Oromia (Borena Zone, Dubluke, Elwye, Dehas, Moyale and Dire Woredas) , Amhara ( Waghimra Zone. Sekta Zuria and Tsagbje woreda) and Benshangule ( Metekel Zone Debate woreda). This way in the last few years along PAD managed to address about 107,334 IDPS ( 55450 Borena, 39, 234 Sekota and 12,650 Benshangule ) through its CCCM intervention in different parts of the country.

Our Project Accomplishments