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Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items

Under the Emergency Shelter and Non-Food-Items (ES/NFI) Cluster, PAD continues to respond to the shelter and basic core relief item needs of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Northern Ethiopia, Oromia and other parts of the country. ES/NFI support is being provided to the population affected by displacement and drought, with special emphasis on the needs of women, children, people with disabilities and the most vulnerable or at risk. PAD response ranges from emergency relief to IDPs who are residing in temporary accommodation centers, within the host communities and in formal sites to promotion of durable solutions for families who have returned and those that have relocated. Waghimra Zone ( Sekota, Abergele, Zequala and Tsagbeji Woredas) , North Wollo ( Woldia, habru, Mersa, Kobo and Alemata) , South Wollo , West Gojame in Amhara Region as well as Dubluk, Dire, Moyale, Dehase and Elweye in Borena Zone, Seweyna woreda in East Bale are some of the areas targeted by PAD ES/NFI programs. As of June ,2023, PAD has reached 136,414 persons with ES/NFI assistance, representing 9% of the total of 2,440,000 individuals reached by the joint ES/NFI cluster in Ethiopia.

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