Around Wosen, House No 2392

Urban Destitute Support Programs

More than 2,000 homeless street children and 1,000 homeless women with children supported and provided with center-based rehabilitation and re-integration support such as; temporary shelter, medical, psychosocial, mindset training and also rental housing and economic support as part of sustainable reintegration.

Service for Homeless children

Integrated Services addressing needs of street children provided through center-based approach. In this respect, provides, temporary shelter, psychosocial support, medical support, entertainment, education…etc. Rehabilitated children reunified with their parents, linked with regular school and IGA support for parents are some among the many.

Service for homeless women with children

Homeless women with children supported with integrated center-based rehabilitation support from 3-6 month. Rehabilitated homeless women with children supported with rental house and IGA items and engaged them in business activity.

Our Project Accomplishments