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We use a systems approach to address root causes of violence against girls and boys. Being safe and secure drives a sense of well-being- Child protection transforms lives. We work to help children, women and people with disability out of dangerous situations. We also work with communities to identify the roots of violence that lead to abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and other forms of violence against children.  

Our protection activities usually do three types of protection interventions

  • responsive – to prevent or stop violations of rights;
  • remedial – to ensure a remedy to violations, including through access to justice and reparations; and environment-building – to promote respect for rights and the rule of law.

We Work with all relevant stakeholders, including populations at risk, local communities and the authorities, to:

  • prevent violations of rights from occurring or recurring;
  • stop ongoing violations;
  • provide remedies, through reparation and rehabilitation, if violations have occurred; and
  • foster an environment conducive to respect for the rights of women, men, girls and boys in accordance with the law.

Our Project Accomplishments