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Education in Emergencies

PAD education work in emergency contexts strives to provide quality formal and non-formal education opportunities that meet the needs of children affected by humanitarian crises, from early childhood to adolescence. Our work has a particular focus on adolescent girls who are among the worst affected by disasters. Working with teachers is central, to help them manage their own stress, and teach in ways that provide the social and emotional support children need to recover from their experiences and pursue their learning. We collaborate closely with child protection colleagues to enable access to specialized services where necessary. Ensuring the continuity of education through crisis means preparing for emergencies where they can be predicted. This includes teacher training, and ensuring buildings and school environments are safe. Education should be part of support immediately following a fast onset emergency, based on long term collaboration with education authorities, schools and communities. PAD provides support in conflict-affected areas, IDP settings, and in areas affected by disasters linked to climate change and natural hazards.

Our Project Accomplishments