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Organizational Core Values As a charity, non-for-profit organization, PAD is committed to the following seven core values: Community Empowerment and Meaningful Participation: PAD strongly believes that community is the safest place for children, youth, women, the elderly, the disabled, and other vulnerable segments of the society. Well empowered family and community networks can render socially and culturally more appropriate services and satisfy the needs of their members. Therefore, we give priority and strive towards empowering the family and community structures and networks instead of providing direct material and financial supports to beneficiaries, unless deemed very important. In addition, we are genuinely committed in getting members of the community meaningfully participated at most, if not all, stages of project activities and we wholeheartedly believe this would enhance the effectiveness of community-based projects. Equity and Inclusion: Positive Action for Development believes that every member of the society deserves an equal opportunity to live their full potential and that our organization is stronger when it is in a position of providing an equal opportunities for people with diverse socio-cultural backgrounds, identities, and world views. Accordingly, we are aggressively working every day to make our organization more equitable and inclusive. Youth Power: PAD believes in the untapped potential and capabilities of young people and hence, always design projects in the manner they emphasize on making the highest investment on youth as the key to a brighter future for the entire society. Wellbeing: Positive Action for Development strives to foster the safest spaces that enhance the social, psychological, and physical wellbeing of project beneficiaries and other members of the community while simultaneously working to make the community itself the safest place to live. Responsibility and Responsiveness: We are cautious that every action we take has an impact and repercussion on the lives of other people. As an organization aspiring to expand our geographic and target group scopes, we seek to obtain the fullest trust of our beneficiaries, partners, and the entire community at large. Moreover, PAD is committed to remain accountable for the actions it takes in all endeavors of achieving its organizational goal. Empathy: Being a charity organization that has always been working on the most vulnerable groups, we recognize and strive to understand the feelings, perspectives, as well as the lived experiences of our beneficiaries and other members of the community who come in contact with our organization. Interdependence and Collaboration: PAD values not only establishing new ones but also maintaining the existing partnerships with all potential stakeholders that can influence and contribute to the successful implementation of projects.  
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