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Program Planning and Management Manual

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Programs are at the heart of PAD strategy of community-led, market-driven activities in pursuit of our Vision for Change. This manual and supportive toolkit on PAD’ Digital Library are designed to assist our field and headquarters teams and partners to effectively and efficiently manage programs from the Program Identification and Design Phase through the End of Program Transitions. PAD’ core business consists of designing and implementing programs. The Positive Action for development (PAD)Strategic Roadmap and regional and country strategies link Positive Action for development (PAD)programs to our Mission to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities across the globe. To meet strategic objectives, Positive Action for development (PAD)pursues contextually appropriate programs, recognizing that sound program design and management are the basic building blocks of successful performance. Positive Action for development (PAD)programs adhere to principles of accountability, participation and peaceful change, as we believe these principles form the basis for healthy interactions between stakeholders. We commit to accountability for what we implement (program design) and how we implement (program management), through transparent, inclusive, disciplined and ethical program management. Good Program Planning and management manuals about delivery and quality – it is about bridging the gap between strategy and results and ensuring that carefully designed targets are achieved within the time and budget allocated. Effective Program Planning and management manuals an imperative.   Download Resource
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