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Annual Organizational physical Accomplishment Report Reporting Period: 01/01/ 2022-31/12/2022

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Positive action for Development is an Ethiopian resident’s charity organization. The organization has legally registered by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Charities and Societies agency. The organization has got licensed under the registration number 2330 on June 6/2011 E.C. which was renewed on August 2017. Currently, the organization has a significant and active operational presence in the Eastern parts of the country. In it’s so far intervention PAD provided standard service targeting hard to reach men, women, children and youth in Dire Dawa administration, Waghimra and North wollo zone of Amhara regional state, East, west and Borena zone of Oromia Regional State. In this regard highly vulnerable children’s women and their vulnerable families, out of school girls and boys with their parents, migrant returnee and potential migrant youths, FSWs, internally displaced peoples had been targeted and benefited from integrated service provided by the organization during the reporting 2022 year. MOWCA, IOM, HAPCO, RRF, Luminos Fund, Afro Ethiopia Integrated Development (AEID), OTI/Dexus, IRI are organizations and programs who had been financing PAD in implementing the intervention during the reporting period. Dire Dawa bureau of women and social affairs, Dire Dawa bureau of Health, Dire Dawa Bureau of Finance and Economic Development , Dire Dawa Agency of Sanitation & Beautification, Dire Dawa Bureau of Justice, security and legal affairs, Dire Dawa Bureau of Education, East Haraghe Zone Housing and investment Bureau, East Hararghe Zone Finance and Economic development Bureau, East Hararghe Zone Peace and Security Bureau, Addis Ababa Bureau of Women, Children and Social Affairs, Waghimra zone Disaster risk management and control bureau, Northe Wollo zone Disaster risk management bureau, Borena Zone Disaster risk management and control bureaus worked as operational partner of the organization.  
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